Starting next Tuesday, Long John will be updating twice a week––Tuesdays and Thursdays––with new pages as we bring the first arc of the comic to a close.

If you need to get caught up––or want some time to pass so there’s more than just one new page to read––there’s a few things you can do:

This is the most sensible option. Before the new pages come out, it only makes sense to refresh your memory from the story’s start. Elements of Chapter 1 definitely come into play during Chapter 3, so reading through this chapter would only enrich your reading experience.

This is the most pressing requirement if you want to ease your way into Chapter 3. Chapter 2 ends on a cliffhanger, so to speak, and Chapter 3 picks up exactly where Chapter 2 leaves off. Chapter 3 brings to a close the events and motions that opened in Chapter 2, so reading through it again would be––at minimum––the best suggestion for everybody.

While the package would arrive after the start date of Chapter 3, you would have the complete Chapter 3 in your hands well before the chapter ends. Plus, if you buy the book(s) from the store, you get a custom Long John drawing from D. Bethel himself, drawn just for you!

If you are on social media’s most persistent and prevalent service, then be sure to Like the official Long John page. You can leave your comments about the chapter, or each page, on there as well as engage in conversation with other readers! It’s more than just the comic, too, that gets posted to the page––any new merchandise, interesting links, event reminders, and photos/drawings get posted to the page, too!


Not a whole lot is changing on the site itself with Chapter 3 (though if you have suggestions, please send them in), but some things will stand out if you’re reading through the archives into the new chapter.

  • Starting with Chapter 3, pages are BIGGER.

During the break, the site was made a little wider than before, so now the pages will post at 1000 pixels wide rather than the 800 pixels before. The archive will slowly be updated, but most of it isn’t at this point, so if you notice a jump in the visuals from the end of Chapter 2 to the start of Chapter 3, that’s likely the reason.

  • Upcoming events are posted in the right sidebar, under the comic.

Toward the end of the year, there will be a few shows that D. Bethel hopes to go to. You’ll notice that the upcoming events are posted under the comic in the right margin. If you click on those events, it will take you to event specifics––time, place, cost, etc.––that you will need to help you figure out how you can get there!

That’s right! Not only is Chapter 3 already available in book form (which can be purchased at $8 a piece, plus shipping), you can buy all three books at a discount as a bundle. You still get with the bundle purchase an original Long John sketch and bookmark, so that’s three books and original art for a mere $20! Get yours today!

  • Spread the word!

If you have enjoyed Long John, please spread the word! If you have a podcast or website or blog or social media, feel free to review the story so far or contact me for interviews or digital files for review! If you know people who do these things, let them know about the book! Of course, if you just want to let us know how much you’re enjoying (or have enjoyed) the comic, feel free to leave them as comments, as emails (longjohncomic [at], or as posts to social media. It means a lot to hear a kind word or two from a reader, so don’t be afraid to let me know!