Long John is a western webcomic by D. Bethel whose previous work on Eben07 (www.eben07.com) brought him to some public attention for the six years that he co-created, co-wrote, and illustrated that webcomic.  A long-form story-based comic, Long John will showcase D. Bethel’s already fan-favorite artistic stylings and storytelling as it ventures into new and exciting places.


D. Bethel (creator/writer-artist) was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, California, but has lived all over the place.  He happily resides in Sacramento, California with his wife, Nicole, and teaches Writing and Rhetoric at CSU, Sacramento.


Josh Tobey (artist–”Save the Bones“) is an Oregon-based Symbolist painter and illustrator. The definition of a Fine Artist, he puts everything of himself into his work; every daub of paint, every representative item on his canvases means something. Josh and D. Bethel have been long-time friends, having met in the sixth grade. He is the artist for the Hellrider Jackie side-stories that update between chapter breaks. For a full write-up about Josh, read this.