Long John is a western webcomic by D. Bethel whose previous work on Eben07 (www.eben07.com) brought him to some public attention for the six years that he co-created, co-wrote, and illustrated that webcomic.  A long-form story-based comic, Long John will showcase D. Bethel’s already fan-favorite artistic stylings and storytelling as it ventures into new and exciting places.

D. Bethel (creator/writer-artist) has been writing and drawing comics for over fifteen years. Simultaneously a comicker, a podcaster, and a professor of Composition and Rhetoric at CSU, Sacramento, he resides in Sacramento with his wife, Nicole, their two cats, and dog, Rusty.

Photo: Crocker Art Museum


Josh Tobey (artist–”Save the Bones” and “The Patient Feast“) is an Oregon-based Symbolist painter and illustrator. He puts everything of himself into his work; every daub of paint, every representative item on his canvases means something. Josh and D. Bethel have been long-time friends, having met in the sixth grade. He is the artist for the Hellrider Jackie side-stories that update between chapter breaks. For a full write-up about Josh, read this.JTprofile