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An article and video published by the university, Sac State, that details the creation of Long John and the road it took to go from comic to an in-development animated series at FX.

A Conversation with Comic Book Artist Dan Bethel” – Interview with the Crocker Art Museum for CrockerCon 2019, an event for which D. Bethel designed the poster. (04 September 2019)


The Zarf – Interview with Travis Blair. (17 July 2014)


4 Tales Podcast, Episode 7: “Your character is cool, but also why is your character cool?” – Interview with Kyrun Silva (of Taurus Comics) and Danny J. Quick (of 4th Wall Productions) (02 July 2021).

Finding Sacramento, Episode 42 – Interview with Nathan Miller (31 July 2017)

The Dan Bethel Interview – Presented by Empire’s Comics Vault” – Interview with Ben Schwartz of Empire’s Comics Vault for Free Comic Book Day 2017


TGT Media – Video Interview with Kurt Sasso (18 June 2015)



Geek Life Podcast at Panda reviews Chapter 1: “Sunza.” (12 November 2014)

“[Sunza] should be used as a guide on how to make a first issue.” -Geek Life Podcast

D. Bethel’s Work


A Website [ , ] For All Intents and Purposes: A geek/nerd discussion website that, primarily, hosts the weekly podcast, A Podcast [ , ] For All Intents and Purposes, that D. Bethel does with his equally over-educated, nerd co-dependent friend, Andrew Asplund. The website hosts articles about nerdy stuff from television to movies to video games, each of us bringing our own particular spin to the topic at hand (D. Bethel focuses on criticism and education; Andrew is well-schooled in the law). Subscribe on iTunes or listen to the podcast on our YouTube channel.


Eben07 [defunct]:  The humor/adventure webcomic about janitorial espionage––After the cloak & dagger come the mop & bucket. I did writing and art for six years (2007-2013) with co-creator/co-writer, Eben Burgoon.


Taurus Comics, the imprint of Sacramento comic creator, Kyrun Silva.

Melissa Pagluica – creator of Above the Clouds and Monster Heart

Jason Tudor – creator of Vorpal (with Keith Houin)

Eben Burgoon – creator of B-Squad and Tiny Wizards

Lauren Monardo Gramprey, artist extraordinaire.