01 - Sunza

A memory at the lake. A one-sided conversation. The taste of blood. Poverty Flat. A nice coat. Boss Fleming's new hat. The sheriff. A wager is made.
Jun 23, 2014On the Lake
Jun 24, 2014High and Low
Jun 26, 2014Twitch
Jul 01, 2014Long John
Jul 03, 2014First Steps
Jul 08, 2014Time to Go
Jul 10, 2014Low and High
Jul 15, 2014A Tempting Offer
Jul 17, 2014The Char
Jul 22, 2014Under the Veil
Jul 24, 2014Lights Out
Jul 29, 2014Poverty Flat
Jul 31, 2014The Taste of Blood
Aug 05, 2014Dust in the Light
Aug 07, 2014Oasis
Aug 12, 2014A Cold Welcome
Aug 14, 2014A Good Coat
Aug 19, 2014The Smoking Gun
Aug 21, 2014One Shot
Aug 26, 2014Four Flusher
Aug 28, 2014Struck a Sight
Sep 02, 2014No Shirt, No Shoes
Sep 09, 2014Law and Order
Sep 12, 2014Men and Ghosts
Sep 18, 2014In Plain Sight
Sep 23, 2014Night Terrors
Sep 25, 2014Self Help
Oct 02, 2014The Test
Oct 07, 2014Otherwise
Oct 16, 2014Sunza

Save The Bones

A distant memory. A sunset camp. The touch of the Dying. A temporary victory.
Nov 04, 2014Among the Bones
Nov 06, 2014Remember the Bones
Nov 11, 2014Protect the Bones
Nov 18, 2014Speak to the Bones
Nov 20, 2014Feel the Bones
Nov 25, 2014Fear the Bones
Nov 27, 2014Save the Bones

02 - Bird's Eye

Among the alpines. A lonely lake. The kind contact. An empty home. The ghost in the trees. A chase. The stumble. The horizon.
Feb 03, 2015Bird's Eye
Feb 03, 2015Amid the Aspens
Mar 05, 2015The Doctor is Out
Mar 05, 2015The Narrow Path
Mar 05, 2015Light in the Dark
Jun 16, 2015Ghost Dance
Jul 09, 2015Snake's Eye
Jul 21, 2015The Fill
Aug 13, 2015Why
Aug 20, 2015Opportunity Knocks
Sep 13, 2016Behind the Glass
Sep 15, 2016Bad Fit
Sep 20, 2016To the Woods
Sep 22, 2016Bad Habits
Sep 27, 2016Mistakes Were Made
Sep 29, 2016Wrong Answer
Oct 04, 2016Hat's Off
Oct 06, 2016At Odds
Oct 11, 2016The Hard Truth
Oct 13, 2016Brought Low
Oct 18, 2016A New Angle
Oct 25, 2016What Kind of Man
Oct 27, 2016Barrier to Exit
Nov 01, 2016A Rough Morning

03 - Making Smoke

An old friend. A new enemy. A humbling retreat and a cold stop. Old tricks. Old habits. A short talk before a long goodbye. One last stop.
Jun 19, 2018Pressing Matters
Jun 21, 2018Bad and Good
Jun 26, 2018Stepping Up
Jun 28, 2018Standoff-ish
Jul 03, 2018What Goes Around
Jul 05, 2018The Bishop
Jul 17, 2018...Is Back
Jul 26, 2018Proving Grounds
Jul 31, 2018Ante Up
Aug 09, 2018The Tiered Attack
Aug 14, 2018Complete the Set
Aug 21, 2018Trick Shot
Aug 23, 2018The Johns
Aug 30, 2018Reprise
Sep 04, 2018Rise and Fall
Sep 06, 2018Self Defense
Sep 20, 2018Exeunt
Sep 27, 2018A New Direction

04 - Dead Words

A new coat. Eavesdropping on old problems. Geoff. Rain in Bridgeport. Humbled by the Rook. An honest discussion. Sobering in the din. Proving a point. A gift from the past.
Feb 28, 2020Self Care
Mar 02, 2020Sorrow Don't Drown
Mar 11, 2020Words Apart
Mar 18, 2020Keeping Busy
Mar 23, 2020What Survives
Mar 25, 2020Brings Me Back
Apr 01, 2020Hat in Hand
Apr 13, 2020A Taste of Risk
Apr 15, 2020Free Advice
Apr 20, 2020Dead Words
Apr 22, 2020The Look of Safety
Apr 27, 2020One Man's Business
Apr 29, 2020Calling the Bluff
May 04, 2020Shot From the Dark
May 06, 2020Under the Breath
May 11, 2020Cold Steel
May 13, 2020Water and Smoke
May 18, 2020Nothing About Luck
May 20, 2020Hollow
May 25, 2020Rough Night
May 27, 2020Consolation
May 29, 2020Geoff's Mark

05 - Parting Gift

A brief negotiation. So close. Locked up amid tarnished finery. A proposal made in a big room. Long walks and quiet talks. No more ghosts. A promise kept, in more ways than one. A muted reunion.
Oct 10, 2022Morning Perch
Oct 11, 2022The Early Bird
Oct 18, 2022A Thorough Plan
Nov 08, 2022A Violent Sleeper
Nov 15, 2022Links in the Chain
Nov 22, 2022The Collection
Nov 24, 2022A Simple Task
Nov 29, 2022The Promise
Jan 03, 2023A New Day
Jan 05, 2023The Long Road
Jan 12, 2023Bad Water
Jan 17, 2023Back to the Start
Jan 19, 2023Playing Catch Up
Jan 24, 2023Trust Fall
Jan 31, 2023Hearth and Home
Feb 07, 2023To End a Nightmare
Feb 09, 2023The Tithe
Feb 14, 2023Good Business
Feb 16, 2023Room Service
Feb 28, 2023One Weak Link
Mar 02, 2023As Promised
Mar 07, 2023The Full Kit
Mar 09, 2023All That's Left