This was a page that I bounced back and forth about including for awhile. After thinking about it, however, I feel like after the day Long John has had, the narrative thread that can be closed with the end of this day is that of sleep and rest. Long John went unconscious no fewer than three times in Chapter 1, “Sunza,” and was on the verge of doing it again when he met up with May in this chapter.. If anything could be considered a first step out of the funk that he woke up to, it is becoming the master of his own consciousness.

Actually, slowing things down is something I have been thinking about a lot. I don’t mean stretching out plot points or anything like that, but giving the comic its own room to breath with pages such as this one are essential to the story I’m trying to tell. After getting the book in hand (on sale now), I feel it reads rather fast (as one should assume moving from web-based reading to print) and plenty moments of pause could have been used to help make that chapter more effective.

However, the most important question to ask right now is what will Long John dream about this time?