Long John Walker was known as the most deadly gunfighter in California.  His nickname comes from the fact that he could hit a target at rifle-distance with his standard Colt Model P revolver.  He was a gun for hire that was known for his stoic, detached demeanor and a stare as piercing as his bullets.  He gained his fame travelling with “the Johns,” a group of bounty hunters who roamed Eastern California and Western Nevada and were incredibly successful at what they did.

Long John was the face of the group.  A living wall of intimidation and quiet confidence, he cast a pall over any town he walked into through his ominous stare alone (though it was backed up by his gun-hand’s deadly accuracy).

Juan John Velasquez was the brains of the group.  Born on the coast of California, he could talk his way out of (and into) any situation and was equally deadly at close range.

Johnny Mono was the legs of the group.  Born in the Mono tribe, his given name translates roughly to “Floating Feather,” but was given the name “Johnny Mono” by Juan John to keep the theme.  He knows how to survive in the wild alone and keeps the group uprooted enough to be able to get the amount of jobs that they do.

They were destined for immortality in the dime novels, to survive as the most legendary gunslinging group in history.

But something changed.

One morning, on the edge of Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra, Long John awakens to find himself with nothing but his long johns, a head wound, and no friends in sight, left to die of exposure with no answers and at the mercy of a mysterious rider.