An article and video published by the university, Sac State, that details the creation of Long John and the road it took to go from comic to an in-development animated series at FX.

A Conversation with Comic Book Artist Dan Bethel” – Interview with the Crocker Art Museum for CrockerCon 2019, an event for which D. Bethel designed the poster. (04 September 2019)


The Zarf – Interview with Travis Blair. (17 July 2014)


4 Tales Podcast, Episode 7: “Your character is cool, but also why is your character cool?” – Interview with Kyrun Silva (of Taurus Comics) and Danny J. Quick (of 4th Wall Productions) (02 July 2021).

Finding Sacramento, Episode 42 – Interview with Nathan Miller (31 July 2017)

The Dan Bethel Interview – Presented by Empire’s Comics Vault” – Interview with Ben Schwartz of Empire’s Comics Vault for Free Comic Book Day 2017.


TGT Media – Video Interview with Kurt Sasso (18 June 2015)



Geek Life Podcast at Panda reviews Chapter 1: “Sunza.” (12 November 2014)

“[Sunza] should be used as a guide on how to make a first issue.” -Geek Life Podcast