Long John

Reprinted from an 1879 column printed in The Chico Morning Chronicle-Record: 'Famous gunfighter––though currently riding under the guise of a bounty hunter––"Long" John Walker's stoic, monolithic presence draws the attention of every room into which he steps, even in spite of his severe penchant towards laconicism. The apparent contradiction extends to his dress, as his already massive frame is extensively layered beneath strata of wool, leather, and cotton garnished with smaller adornments made of ivory and precious stones. As the ostensible leader of the trio of "bounty hunters" known colloquially as "The Johns" (after the fact that all three members share the name, though the record is unreliable), he commands through nuanced gesture, threatens through twitches of the eye, and famously shoots running targets at rifle-distance with his standard Colt model P (I can personally vouch for this feat and while many of his other popular descriptors are the work of dime novels, this claim is irrevocably true). While his motives are kept close to his dandily clothed chest, there is no doubt that no man alive wants to be on the bad end of his gun's sight-line.'

Comics: 93
Recent Appearance: Welcome to Long John
First Appearance: High and Low

Juan John Velazquez

Juan Velazquez is a Californio known for being a dual-wielding aficionado. Even though he is the oldest of The Johns, he is the most charismatic. He’s the mouth of the group––the guy that is able to sneak information from people, the guy that gets the jobs, and the guy that makes sure they get paid.

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: Exeunt
First Appearance: Barrier to Exit

Jonny Mono

Jonny is a Paiute––his actual name is Floating Feather––who is part of the trio known as "The Johns" with Long John Walker and Juan John Velazquez; they came up with his name in order to nail the theme. In his teens, he worked as a tracker and scout for the US Army as they scouted westward, abandoning the work upon meeting Long John and Juan. Of the group, he’s the tracker, the legs. He knows how to survive in the wild alone and keeps the group uprooted enough to be able to get the amount of jobs––and bounties––that they do. It was his connections in the Mono Valley that brought The Johns to the Eastern Sierra Nevada, having grown up as an ostensible little brother to their local contact, Lady May.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: Exeunt
First Appearance: Behind the Glass

Hellrider Jackie

A mysterious figure Long John meets upon waking.

Comics: 16
Recent Appearance: Snake's Eye
First Appearance: Time to Go


A calculating mercenary who currently gets his paycheck from Rich Jack Langstrom, Bishop is a man who always finishes the job. He is less a gunslinger and more of a manipulator, who gets his way less through brute force than through his wide network and years of mysterious experience.

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: Knight Takes Bishop
First Appearance: Standoff-ish


The scheming second-in-command in Poverty Flat, Muller seems to be both the angel and the devil on Boss Fleming's shoulder.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: In Complete Control
First Appearance: A Cold Welcome

Lady May

A Paiute (specifically, born into the Kucadikadi) who has lived through her share of tribulations, Lady May is now well-regarded––in both loud and hushed tones––as the go-to person for help, assistance, or information. Based out of Lundy, she runs the local apothecary and dry goods business, but is known to have a variety of side businesses running as well, making her a person who straddles both sides of what counts for the law.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Living Dogs and Dead Lions
First Appearance: The Doctor is Out

Boss Fleming

The boisterous leader of the gang in control of Poverty Flat. His dandy dressing belies his brutish airs.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: In Complete Control
First Appearance: A Cold Welcome

Sheriff Spencer

The only man in Poverty Flat that remembers a time before Fleming and his gang came in and took over. Originally a down-and-out miner, he was made sheriff of Poverty Flat by Boss Fleming if only because it was clear that even though he wasn't tough enough to join crew, he was meek enough to eagerly obey any command Fleming or Muller issued. A survivor in the worst way––Sheriff Spencer is an admitted coward and pushover, but at least he's not dead.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: At Rifle's Distance
First Appearance: Law and Order