We’re around the halfway point of Chapter 5 and things are getting serious. So serious, in fact, that we are taking a break until Tuesday, January 3rd. Think of it as a mid-season finale, if you will. It’s simultaneously a cliffhanger and a set up for the dramatic conclusion of Long John, chapter 5: “Parting Gift.”

It’s not all bad, because starting on Monday, 12/5, the preorders for Long John Volume 5 will go live! That means you could actually read the conclusion of this incredible chapter before it the ending goes up online (if everything goes according to plan, that is). Details and prices will be made available then, too, but I can say that we’re doing things a little differently than before to create a more streamlined and goodie-filled experience. Stay tuned!


This page is another I had in my head for a long time. In fact, I drew the first panel as a piece of concept art a few years before this page actually came around. I would love to share it with you, but that piece of concept art contains a spoiler I’m not comfortable revealing. However, the thumbnail I did for this page was just a modified version of the original drawing with the spoilers edited out to make room for the changed setting that this scene now took place within. It’s fun to look at what basically became a before and after version of the same drawing. Just in terms of linework, the final page ended up with much simpler figures and less rendering of shadows and depth in ink (relying on coloring to do that heavy lifting). However, the basic poses remain and the designs haven’t changed too much. In the end, it’s neat little time capsule of art process.

The thumbnail drawing for Chapter 5, page 17. Rich Jack and The Rook are repurposed from a drawing from 2018 with a new background drawn in. Click for larger version.

So, we’re going to pause the comic for now, get the book out to you, and return in January with the webcomic version of Long John, Chapter 5: Parting Gift. Thank you, everybody, for reading so far! In the meantime, the remaining videos of this half’s pages will go up on YouTube and Instagram in the coming weeks, as well as other fun stuff I can’t wait to share.