This is a moment I’ve had in my head for a long time––the reveal of the face behind Hellrider Jackie’s mask.

The Hellrider carries a lot of weight on this story. her presence is what keeps everything up until this point a little at arm’s distance from reality because she keeps us asking questions: is she real or not? Is she supernatural or human? Is she young or old? Is she someone we know?

The moment of the Hellrider removing her mask was so enticing I made a print about it years ago.

I’ve said this from the beginning, but Long John is a straight-ahead story with no supernatural or paranormal element to it in the slightest. Her reveal only solidifies that, but does it make any of what she did any less powerful and dramatic? I would argue that it doesn’t. In a way, revealing she’s a person of age makes it even more impressive how destructive and powerful she has been.

But the reveal itself is an idea and an image I’ve been excited to do for years, even building a print around the idea.

With this, the game changes and choices must be made. This is where the end starts.