I contend that the second most important character in the comic, after Long John himself, is Hellrider Jackie.

It’s ironic, of course, because, in the story proper, she hasn’t been seen since the opening of Chapter 1 (only five pages!). However, her appearance in that short scene (as well as her short story in Volume 1) has resonated throughout the rest of the comic, even if it’s relatively unknown to the readers.

To pull back the curtain a little bit, we’ve had two “nightmare pages” (as they’re called internally) in the series so far and each one quotes a line from the Hellrider Jackie scene from the beginning of the comic. Combine that with “the creep” we’ve seen in this chapter and chapter 2 and we begin to see how present she has been through these four chapters.

Every “nightmare page” has a line from the opening Hellrider Jackie scene.

I don’t bring this up on a whim, but to say that Volume 4 (the print version of “Dead Words”) will contain a brand-new Hellrider Jackie short story that picks up shortly after the end of “Save the Bones.”

To sell it a bit more, Josh Tobey––the artist from “Save the Bones”––returns to illustrate ten pages of a new, just as mysterious story…and it’s great. Stay tuned for more information very, very soon.