You’ve been patiently waiting since the first chapter to have Hellrider Jackie and Long John cross paths again. Appetites were mildly whetted with the first Hellrider Jackie short story after Chapter 1, “Save the Bones,” but it has literally been years since then.

As mentioned in the last page, despite the limited amount of time Long John spent with Jackie, their time together had quite an impact on Long John, haunting his nightmares any time he gets a chance at a good night’s sleep, forming the crux of his personal arc throughout the course of this story.

Jackie sees the world in a very specific way, a way that only she can see. Part of Long John’s arc is this twisted view of reality is beginning to creep into his line of sight, slowly and surely. Normally, I recruit the artistic talents of Josh Tobey––artist of “Save the Bones”––to bring Jackie’s vision to life. But, seeing as how this is a manifestation in Long John’s mind, I took the duty of creating as creepy a scene as possible.

But don’t despair.

I’d like to officially announce that, in the print version of Chapter 4, there will be a brand new, 10-page Hellrider Jackie story featuring art by Josh Tobey. If you miss oblique storytelling with distressing but beautiful art, I’m excited for the wonders you will find in “The Patient Feast”; and it will only be available in the print version of Chapter 4, “Dead Words.” More news soon!

A preview of the first page of “The Patient Feast,” which will be exclusive to the print version of Chapter 4. Art by Josh Tobey.