While finishing up the last half of Chapter 2, I started making process videos of pages getting inked and, eventually, colored (though it got a little complicated at a point). I will admit that most of the views on these inking videos are probably me watching them, because as hesitant as I am to make and post (and, sometimes, stream) videos of me doing art stuff for an unknown audience, I find watching the process fascinating. More than that, I feel an incredible disconnect while watching myself ink and color.

I’m sure it comes from a different level of focus––while inking or coloring, I trust that the overall composition works and, instead, worry about lines and line weight and light sources and how the color choices of a panel are going to read. It’s such a focused process that I actually don’t remember doing it once done, so having this archive of me actually making the comic is kind of fascinating because it’s like watching a video of me sleepwalking, a kind of out-of-body experience that almost seems like I’m watching the actions of a different person.

Except for when I make mistakes. I remember doing those quite well, usually.