Okay! Okay! I’ll give you a Chapter 6 update!

Things have been very quiet around here but things are trucking on as they always are. Chapter 6 has been quite a challenge in terms of trying to make all the pieces line up. It’s easy enough to start a story and complicate things and set up arcs and payoffs, but no one really talks about how difficult it is to end a story in a satisfying way.

There’s an incredible satisfaction when an expression comes together even in the loose pencils of a page.

However, I’ve locked down the story beats and am bouncing back and forth between pencilling/inking and thumbnailing the rest of the chapter. This helps keep it from feeling in just building a taller and heavier wall that could crumble on me at any moment.

That being said, Chapter 6 opens up with a long, complicated, and––dare I say––super fun scene. I will say that it’s the big action set piece of the chapter and I’m really excited for it to come together in the final book.

Some very wild action opens up Chapter 6. It’s fun challenge to choreograph and draw.