Another drawing video went up this week with this drawing of the Third Doctor from the long running BBC series, Doctor Who. This iteration of the title character was portrayed by Jon Pertwee from 1970-1974. His tenure was marked by a lot changes to the show.

First, it was the first time the show was aired in color, having spent the previous six seasons in black and white. Second, the premise was blemished a bit when the producers stranded The Doctor on Earth, incapacitating his ship that allows for travel through both space and time. What this created was a very different show, but one that pushed the show out of staid formula and tropes created and repeated over the previous six years and two lead actors.

He’s one of my favorite Doctors if only because Pertwee clearly was having a lot of fun being a time-traveling alien who, for these four years at least, also got to be James Bond.