For those that don’t know, Free Comic Book Day is an event in which not only “The Big Two” (Marvel and DC comics, for what it’s worth) but all major publishers contribute comics to any participating local comic shop to give away to their clientele for free. As an event, it has grown every year for the last decade or so. It’s gotten to the point where publishers make specific, special comics only for distribution on Free Comic Book Day (a lot of short anthologies and reprints, rarely new content). No matter what, it’s a big day for comic books as it’s basically the big push to get new readers––something the industry sorely needs.


A lot of local shops host events in celebration. Luckily, my local shop––Empire’s Comics Vault––likes to make it a big deal not only for comic books, but for local comic creators. Officially the Free Comic Book Day Mini-Con, Ben (the owner) has asked me, along with a nice array of very esteemed talent, to exhibit at the event. As reported before, Ben even filmed an interview with me for the world to see.

In said video, I mentioned that Long John, Volume 1 would premiere at the Mini-Con, which is indeed the case. Barring any disaster, the book should be premiere at the show and go up for sale on the site (well, the Etsy store) directly afterward. The following is a list of items that are scheduled to be available at my table:

  • Long John, Volume I ––collecting the entirety of “Sunza” and “Save the Bones.” (Price Pending)
  • An 11″x17″ print of the Preview Book cover.
  • 8.5″x11″ prints of fan-favorite illustrations by Dan:  “Beam Me Up (Leonard Nimoy Tribute)” and”Doctor CthulWho.” (Prices Pending)
  • Long John bookmarks
  • A Podcast [ , ] For All Intents and Purposes flyers
  • Sketchcards
Two of the prints for sale at FCBD

Two of the prints for sale at FCBD 2015.

It’s going to be a fantastic event with wonderful, enviable talent there (a list of whom can be seen here) and I’m looking to reconnect with a lot of these artists that I’ve met over the years.

This will be the first event I’ve taken Long John to since Crocker-Con last September; so, I’m a cocktail of nerves and excitement. If you’re in the Northern California, feel free to come by!