art by Nooligan.

It’s that time again to talk about Free Comic Book Day! FCBD consistently edges further into being one of my favorite shows I do, and that’s mostly due to how well-planned the celebration is at my local comic shop, Empire’s Comics Vault. ECV’s annual festivities just get better and bigger, and this year is no different.

This year, I was a guest on a host of local podcasts to talk about Long John and what I’ll be doing for Free Comic Book Day. One has gone live so far, a short talk with David Barrie from The Capeless Crusaders, who was a ton of fun to talk to.

It’s true! The third chapter of Long John––”Making Smoke”––will be making its print debut at the show and will be available for purchase on the site shortly thereafter. Shortly after that, it will start updating on the website twice a week for about fifteen consecutive weeks! Stay tuned.

Volume 3 is in-hand and will debut at this year’s Free Comic Book Day Festival (Saturday, May 5) at Empire’s Comics Vault in Sacramento.

All the other regular pieces of merchandise will be there, as well––Volumes 1 & 2, Long John prints, the “Legacy” print, BackMatter sketch collection––but it’s mostly about coming down and checking out all the local talent, and to pick up some free comics in the process.

Here’s the rundown of what I’ll have at the show:

For those wondering, there WILL be bundles of the books at discounted prices so that you can jump on anew, pick up a fresh batch for friends, or stockpile gifts for loved ones (or enemies). I’m looking into how to do bundles on Etsy, but it seems difficult if not more of a hassle than a help, so I have started to look into other storefronts that would more easily allow for that and not mess up the inventory management.

This year, Empire’s is doing something really interesting. The lines have been getting so long for this event––stretching out to the sidewalk and down the block––that the organizers are trying something new to allow for people to actually enjoy their time at the event instead of having to wait in line and fear losing their spot.

This year, they’ll be handing out numbered tickets which will be called out loud, or (and this is the genius part) you can follow a special Twitter account dedicated to the broadcasting of ticket numbers. That way you can partake of the food trucks, watch pro wrestling, take pictures with cosplayers and, most importantly, meet, talk to, and (if you’d like) buy from local creative talent.

I hope to see you there this weekend, it’s always a fun time.

Event Information:

WHAT: Free Comic Book Day Festival 2018
WHEN: Saturday, May 5, 9am to 8pm
WHERE: Empire’s Comics Vault, 1120 Fulton Ave., Sacramento, 95825.
COST: Free