Gamer Long John fans, this goofy video has a lot going for it. It’s a Wild West Zelda short made by web-based film group, Beat Down Boogie, that is totally worth watching (especially for the spaghetti-western version of the Zelda music).

What impressed me was the hardware, and how they used the correct holsters for the revolvers as well as wearing them correctly for a duel situation.

Ganon has a Colt Conversion, which was an old cap-and-ball revolver factory refitted for all-in-one bullets. More than that, he uses a cross-draw technique where as Zelda and Link have Colt Model Ps where hip-draw was more often used.

My only complaint is that Link’s gun was way too long to be a viable quick draw weapon, but that’s me nit-picking. This is a fun video, especially if you’re a Zelda fan (the costumes are fantastic, too)!