Though you will have a wait until the next page, it will not be for very long! On March 24th, the next page of Long John will descend upon the internet and wreak senseless havoc. I would have liked for it to be at least two pages, but I was waylaid by the flu this last week and it really knocked me flat. Note to self: since you’re coming into regular contact with over 100 people a week, get the darned flu shot next year.

The next page is nearly done and it’s got a bit of artistic experimentation that I’m eager to share with you. Hint: white ink.

Sneak Peek at the next Long John page.

Sneak Peek at the next Long John page.

In other news, the hit TBS reality show, The King of the Nerds, recently wrapped its third season and its winner––our new king––is mathematician and member of a Rock Band rock band, Jonathan Adler. Due to a humble blend of serendipity and wily charm, my nerdy/geeky podcast, For All Intents and Purposes, snagged a chance to interview Jonathan about not only his experiences on the show but about nerdity in general. Afterward, co-host Andrew (lawyer & quizomancer) and I dig deep into the changing face and struggles and perceptions of the modern nerd. Check it out if you’d like! (You can also listen to it right here on the website through the podcast player found in the “D. Bethel’s Work” page.)

With regard to the last few pages, I’d love to hear your immediate reactions to the introduction of Lady May, the (not a spoiler, this was mentioned before) local contact for Long John and his posse. Like previous characters, you’ll learn more about her as we spend more time with her, but there will ultimately be much less revealed than went into her creation. But I’d also love to hear your reactions to Chapter 2 so far (I know, there are only four pages up as of this writing).

See you on Tuesday with a brand new page!