No Sketch Friday again this week. After doing the redesigns, I got a little exhausted. More importantly, I’m deep into drawing Chapter 3. With that in mind, I started recording videos of me inking occasional panels and pages (depending on the complexity) that I’ll post with increasing regularity as they get made. I’ll make an announcement shortly about the upcoming chapter!

One thing you may have noticed is a slight change in the website. The pages are now going to be a bit bigger than they were before (to accommodate higher resolution screens) and the blog portion now has columns with an Events calendar in the right column with a few shows already lined up in that column.

I’ve been meaning to step up my appearances game and this year is my first attempt at that. In addition to Crocker Con and the now-done Free Comic Book Day, I’ll be at the inaugural Sac Indie Expo which will be held locally in Sacramento at Big Sexy Brewing.

I’m also really excited to go back to Alternative Press Expo (APE) this year. With my previous comic, we went for a few years and I always loved the show. Since then, the show has changed ownership hands and moved from San Francisco to San Jose, but the heart of the show still focuses on independent creators and art and that’s what I want to support most.

So, some changes around here with more to come. Stay tuned.