Sketch Fridays have been put on an ostensible hold, but for good reason. I’m drawing Long John. Furthermore, I’m getting very near the end of Chapter 2.

As of right now, I’ve only got six more pages left to draw, which––at the rate I’ve been getting through them lately––means I am on a roll.

Right now, I hope to get the book done for a premiere at the next Crocker Con event, which happens at the beginning of September. Between now and then I’ve got school starting at the end of August, but mostly it’s an open road and being this close to the end I am quite ready to charge toward the finish line. Once I get the pages done, I will start updating the site again, free as always.

Until then, I will try to do Sketch Fridays when possible. If not, I will be recording my inking of interesting panels as much as possible and posting them as videos online and, of course, here on the site. I hope you enjoy them and I’ll gladly take any constructive feedback you may have. I’m getting close and am incredibly excited to share new pages with you!