Talking about making comics at the Sacramento History Museum on Saturday, 7/23, 2-4pm!

It’s no secret that history of the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains looms heavily over Long John. Even though the story and characters are completely fictional, a lot of the ideas for the story and its characters were inspired from the history I read about this region.

With that in mind, it’s an incredible honor to be a part of an event that mixes comics and history. As part of the 5-week comic-creation workshop called, “How the West was Won,” held by the Sacramento History Museum and hosted by my old friend and former comic co-creator, Eben Burgoon, they’re bringing me in precisely because Long John is a nexus point for comics and history. We’ll be talking about character creation and how to design and flesh out characters so that they’ll flesh out and even guide your stories. There will be some talking, some drawing, and a lot of fun going on for those few hours.

With that in mind, the details for the event are as follows: