If you like Hellrider Jackie, then you like Josh Tobey. Josh was the artist for the Hellrider Jackie short story, “Save the Bones“, which posted after Chapter 1 finished (with luck, we’ll get him to do another Hellrider Jackie story).

He is a recent resident of Oregon, having just moved from Denver, Colorado, and has already started to become a staple of the art scene in his new state.


Starting today, a few of Josh’s works will be featured at Wells & Verne in Portland, Oregon, home to the “Shadows & Blood” art show. “Shadows & Blood” is a group show featuring not only Josh’s work but work by other talented artists, including:

  • Adriana Michima & Joe Salmans
  • Courtney Potter
  • Satan’s Spawn
  • Erik Schultz

Wells & Verne is a self-described “nu-Goth Alternative Shoppe” and much of the art featured will complement the venue nicely. From what I’ve seen of the other artists, it is all a nice blend of disturbing, challenging, and creative work that Josh will be sharing space with and if you’re in the area, I recommend that you go see the work (it’ll be up at the store for about a month). More importantly, and I recommend this, if you want to meet and talk about art with Josh, head down to the shop on the evening of Friday, October 7 (tonight); he’ll talk your ear off. When Josh was in Sacramento, we spent about six hours inside the Crocker Art Museum, talking about nothing but art the entire time. So, if you want to get deep talking about art, Josh is up to the task.

Josh will have a few prints available at the venue during tonight’s event, so you can actually take home some of his work in addition to seeing it in person. Below are the pieces he’ll have hanging at Wells & Verne.


Cerebus, oil on canvas, 2013.


Children With Sticks, oil on canvas.

To be honest, while the images themselves are pretty cool, seeing them in person is quite a different experience; they are huge.