Sketch Fridays #83, pt. 2 – Frog (from Chrono Trigger) & Cyan Garamonde (from Final Fantasy VI). Click the image for a larger version.

While drawing Frog last week, it got me thinking of his archetype in many video role-playing games––especially Japanese role-playing games; the tragic, down-trodden hero of honor who, despite having their world crash around them, never sacrifices their poise or principles.

Cyan Garamonde by Final Fantasy series artist, Yoshitaka Amano.

This naturally got me thinking of my favorite video game character from my youth, Cyan Garamonde, a knight of the Doma kingdom. He’s a very proud and noble knight, dedicated to his king and kingdom above all else. However, everything changes when the water supply to Doma castle is poisoned during a siege and everyone except Cyan––including the king as well as Cyan’s wife and son––lay dead by the morning.

Left without a purpose, he becomes a character with some interesting and powerful character development through the rest of the game and it really made an impact on a 14 year old Dan Bethel.

So, with my nostalgia fully engaged, I added Cyan next to Frog and it seems like a natural pairing.