Sketch Fridays #88 – We Rate Dogs

In a rare moment of inspiration, I drew something so I could practice making art. I’ve stated at various points that I don’t really draw unless it’s either for the comic or the comic itself. Generally, that’s held true. Ultimately, the Sketch Friday exercises are about content for the website, space to fill between comic updates. While I do try to stretch my skills with the Sketch Friday posts, the idea that it’s for the website is always in the back of my mind.

And while today’s drawing is a Sketch Friday, it didn’t start that way. It began when I saw this image from our daily calendar, from the popular Twitter account, We Rate Dogs:

The calendar page that inspired this thing.

And I thought, “I must draw this.”

More specifically, seeing the inherent cartooniness of this droopy cocker spaniel, Narcos, it immediately reminded me of the pseudo-painterly style I’ve used on a few occasions and how I wanted to try drawing like that again because it seems like a style I should always keep in my back pocket.

The original post from the @narcos_cockerspaniel profile on Instagram.

It was a rather quick exercise and, upon completing it, I realized that I now had a Sketch Friday for this week. I took a beat and accepted this as a victory––I actually drew…for fun. Weird. We’ll see if it happens again.