We’re approaching Volume 4 a little differently than we’ve handled the previous three books. We’re running a soft launch this week just make sure all the kinks are worked out and we’ll really push it towards the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

To recap, Volume 4 will contain the entirety of Chapter 4 – “Dead Words” – as well as an exclusive 10-page Hellrider Jackie story (with Josh Tobey returning on art duties), “The Patient Feast,” and more!

What we’re doing is running a preorder campaign for Volume 4! Borrowing some ideas from crowdfunding sites, I’m offering three tiers of preorders that, with hope, can accommodate a wide swath of people excited to get Volume 4 into their hands. NOTE: Preorders are not dictating book orders––meaning that low preorders affects printing of the book. The book order is currently in and paid for––I’m just trying to make the release of the book a bit more interesting, fun, and engaging. Read below for descriptions of the tiers OR you can head to NewLongJohnBook.com right away to see what the options are.

$10 Tier – Vol. 4 Book + eBook

This tier reserves for you a physical copy of the book (to be shipped once it arrives) but also includes a copy of the Volume 4 eBook (a pdf) to be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of placing your order. That way you will have the physical copy (signed) for home and a digital copy for the road. The eBook contains all the content that’s in the book.

$15 Tier – eBook Bundle

This bundle brings you everything from the previous tier PLUS eBook versions of the three previous books. This is probably the best option for those that have already purchased the physical copies of the first three books. This gets you high quality eBook versions of the books that you can take with you on the go or give as gifts to your friends and family!

$25 – 4-Book Bundle

As you can probably guess, this tier gets you all four copies of the physical books PLUS the eBook of Volume 4 (eBook versions of the previous three volumes are available for a mere $5 a piece on Gumroad). The books won’t ship until Volume 4 is in-hand; so, you’ll have to be a little patient––but I promise you won’t have to wait long!

With hope, one of these options gets you excited enough to pick up a copy of Volume 4! Lastly, since these are treated as book purchases from the store, every order comes with a custom Long John inked sketch on a comic book backing board free of charge as well as a Long John coaster.

So, don’t wait! Head over to NewLongJohnBook.com to check out the preorder options and bounce around the brand new Long John store and see what else may interest you.