With a new book out and a new year begun, we’ve also got some new items in the store!

For $8, you can now purchase the fifth Long John book from the shop! It officially begins the second part of the Long John storyline (with Volume 4 being an interlude of sorts)which means it begins the road to the conclusion! I’m really proud of this book and I’m especially proud of the extra content at the end which are a few pages about the Mono Basin––the region where this story is set. If you buy it from the store, the book will be signed and you’ll get a free coaster, too! Additionally, all book purchases have an add-on called “Artist Edition” which allows you to get an original Long John drawing on a comic book backing board for only an additional $10.

We also have our very first piece of non-book/non-print merchandise with the LJ “branding iron logo” pin. This is based on the logo seen at the end of every chapter (and on the back of every book; and all over the website) and it came out really well! It’s a 1.5″ metal pin with two fasteners on the back and serves as a great memento for the series.

Inevitably, we have the 5-book bundle that *kind of* replaces the long-running 3-book bundle that we had in the shop. While the 3-book bundle is still in the shop ), but the most cost-effective way to get all five of the physical books is through this 5-book bundle (a savings of about $5)! This also has the “Artist Edition” add-on option!