Good friend and fellow Sacramento comic creator, Kyrun Silva, is raising funds to publish the fourth issue of his esteemed and successful superhero series, Xob the Lightning Wielder.

The premise is as follows: Xob (pronounced SAW) is an ancient lightning entity, that has been passed from person to person throughout the centuries. The power originally was used to protect the Hmong people of Southeast Asia. Tracy Lor, the current emissary of the Xob power, has decided to buck tradition and use these abilities to protect the world.

Think “if Buffy were in the Marvel Cinematic Universe” and you’ll have a good place to step into this original and fun story. The first three issues made up the first arc, showcasing Kyrun’s incredible imagination and love of the medium; coupled with incredible artists, these opening issues got enough attention that they were republished by the storied Antarctic Press in their anthology series, Exciting Comics from issues 25 through 30. Antarctic Press has been an indie publisher since the ’80s and are partially (nay, very) responsible for the introduction of manga and Japanese-styled comics into the western market. Exciting Comics is a their anthology series aimed at a more youth-focused market, a place where Kyrun’s Xob fits right in (he even got to draw the cover for issue 29!).

Kyrun’s cover for Exciting Comics #29, featuring Xob, the Lightning Wielder.

But that first arc is done and Xob has more to do, so with the fantastic new artist on the series, Dino Agor, Kyrun is launching Xob and her crew into a new adventure in a series has already become quite well-known and adored in the indie comics community.

What’s better is that there is a tier on this campaign where you can also pick up the first three issues as well (digital or physical), so you can catch up with the story as well. Xob is an incredible book that has taken off in ways that are surprising for Kyrun and very well-deserved! It’s a celebration of superhero comics as well as the underrepresented Hmong culture, blended in a truly entertaining way that sits with or rivals any superhero comics being published by Marvel or DC. I encourage everyone to check it out for all the purchasing options and the goodies you can get, too! The campaign runs through the end of the August, so be sure to get in while you can.

A drawing I did of Xob a few years ago when the series launched. It’s such a great design.