Available for purchase now at the official Etsy store.

After a few months of being out of stock––and after the Reno Pop Culture Con––I am happy to announce that the $20 3-Book Bundle is back on the Etsy store for purchase.

Just to remind you what this includes, it’s the first three chapters (“Sunza”, “Bird’s Eye”, and “Making Smoke”) that make up the first story arc of Long John. So, even though Volume 4: “Dead Words” is right around the corner, this bundle does give you a beginning, middle, and end of a story while leaving a lot of questions open and, perhaps, even asking a few more.

Additionally, Volume 2: Bird’s Eye was out of stock for awhile but that, too, is available for purchase individually at $8 plus $3 shipping.

For $20 and $3 shipping, you get three books (signed) PLUS a custom Long John sketch AND a Long John coaster!

Just to remind you that every transaction through the Etsy store comes with a custom Long John sketch on a comic book backing board and a custom drink coaster, so there’s more value for the purchase than just the book, so it’s totally worth it if you have been wanting to support the comic and the upcoming fourth volume: “Dead Words”! Buy now to get caught up and thanks for your support!