For those living stateside, Thursday was Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that has hazy roots in history but for me, as a humanistic skeptic, I appreciate what the holiday has become––a celebration of togetherness and the joy of company.

And lots of food, of course.

I live on the eastern end of Sacramento, next to the American River and it is on the river’s shores and levees that I spend a lot of time. One thing I learned shortly after moving there was how many wild turkeys occupied the area––roving hordes wander over the levees and storm the neighborhoods like bored teenagers. So, I’ve unwittingly become quite familiar with these bizarre animals over the years. So common are turkeys that while walking with my dog on the levee one day he happened upon a shed turkey feather and decided to walk with it in his mouth all the way home:


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So, when I happened upon the idea of this drawing, I’ll admit that I was most excited about drawing one of these goofy birds. However, at the end, I think the part of it I’m most proud of is the onomatopoeia I came up with for the turkey. “Blarble” is my new motto.

Happy Blarble Day.