Read Chapter 1 – Sunza right now on Facebook!

To kick off this last week before Chapter 4 – Dead Words begins updating, we’re going to embrace social media a bit more by making the comic available on the official Long John Facebook page.

Today, we posted the entirety of Chapter 1 – Sunza, on Wednesday we’ll post Chapter 2 – Bird’s Eye, and we’ll round out the week by posting Chapter 3 – Making Smoke on Friday.

While still not a perfect way to read the comic (you’ll have to do some pinching and zooming), you’ll at least be able to read it from the comfort of your Facebook app on your mobile device. What’s more, is that posting the comics on Facebook makes it infinitely easier to share the comic with people you know who you think may enjoy the comic.

That being said, each page links back to the page on the site, which will be the only place to find the accompanying blog posts with a look at the process, inspiration, and commentary for that specific page. (Also, the website is still the only place you’ll be able to get hover text––the secret text you see when you hover your cursor over the page.)

So, what would help the comic the most would be to, obviously, follow D. Bethel and Long John’s presence on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then, when you see comics, albums, and events get posted, feel free to share them so that all of your friends can see them and finally see what’s so great about this western webcomic you keep talking about all the time!

Keep your eyes on the site (or on Facebook and Twitter) to see all the posts that will be going up this week!