Free Comic Book Day is back for 2017 and I’m proud to be a part of it again with my local comic shop, Empire’s Comics Vault. I was last part of Empire’s’ FCBD festivities in 2015 where I debuted the first volume of Long John and I’m eager to head back for another round. Free Comic Book Day is an event in which not only “The Big Two” (Marvel and DC comics, for what it’s worth) but all major publishers contribute comics to any participating local comic shop to give away to their clientele for free. As an event, it has grown every year for the last decade or so. It’s gotten to the point where publishers make specific, special comics only for distribution on Free Comic Book Day (a lot of short anthologies and reprints, rarely new content). No matter what, it’s a big day for comic books as it’s basically the big push to get new readers––something the industry sorely needs.

Like in 2015, I was interviewed by ECV’s owner, Ben Schwartz, to talk about Long John, a little bit about my previous comic, Eben07, and what I’ll have with me at the show.

Speaking of what I’ll have at the show, let’s give a little rundown:

Long John, Volumes 1 & 2

The BackMatter Sketchbook Collection

A look inside BackMatter.

A range of the prints that will be available.

Some of these are already available for sale on the D. Bethel Etsy store, but the “Legacy” print and BackMatter will be available soon for purchase.

I’m actually most excited to see some local creators and spend the day with them, including Kyrun Silva, Melissa Pagluica, Eben Burgoon, Jared Konopitski, Chris Cinder, and John Cottrell.

Festivities happen next Saturday (May 6) starting at 9am at Empire’s Comics Vault in Sacramento, CA (1120 Fulton Ave, Suite K).