This seems to be a big event, but this week and next week are important to my nerdy-geeky podcast, A Podcast [ , ] For All Intents and Purposes. Today we released our fiftieth episode. It’s all about nostalgia and we talk about everything from the strange point of view around female-led superhero movies to Doctor Who to Final Fantasy (like I said, it’s really quite nerdy).

Episode 51, however, will actually go live on the 1-year anniversary of the show! We’re still planning it, but it’ll surely be fun if you’re into the nerdy and geeky stuff. I’m really proud of the show and couldn’t help but share this accomplishment.



As for Long John––good news!

Long John Returns June 9th with weekly updates

As many know, I am a writing instructor at my local university, and ever since the end of March (when the last Long John update happened), I’ve been treading water in a pool of grading ever since. However, grading is now done and submitted and I am officially on my summer break and I have already jumped from the school pool into the comics pool and am working diligently on making more Long John.

What this means is that, starting on TuesdayJune 9thLong John will update every Tuesday with, at least, one page (expect only one page). With hope, we can get Chapter 2- Bird’s Eye done (at least in terms of drawing) before the next school year starts up.

Thank you so much for your patience.