I am proud to announce that the collected Volume 1 of Long John is now on sale on my Etsy store. It is priced at $7 plus $3 shipping, bringing the total cost to around $10 for a perfect-bound (rather than stapled as found in a regular comic book issue), 48-page book that collects “Sunza” as well as “Save the Bones.”



It does feature a couple of tweaks to dialogue in both stories, nothing entirely crucial––mostly to improve the reading experience as a physical book (as I’ve written about) or to clarify––but enough to warrant mentioning. The most exciting things are the inclusion of some new art (not to be confused with new pages).

With Volume 1, I continue the tradition I started with the Eben07 books by including what I call a “white page” to close the chapter or story. It’s something inspired by what Bill Watterson did to close out his Calvin and Hobbes book collections: an otherwise blank page with a drawing in the middle of it. With Calvin and Hobbes, it was usually a gag or heartwarming moment; with the Eben07 white pages, which continues in Long John, these act as a visual coda that summarize the ending of the book and, possibly, hint at future tales. With that in mind, I created white pages for both the end of “Sunza” as well as “Save the Bones.”

The most exciting addition (again, as mentioned before), however, is that Josh Tobey––artist on “Save the Bones”––was kind enough to create a “cover” for his story and it is gorgeous.

Book Details

  • 48-pages collecting “Sunza” and “Save the Bones.”
  • Perfect-binding
  • New art and revised text
  • Includes the essay, “Behind Every Line and Between Every Panel”
  • Ships with custom Long John sketch on a card stock comic book backing board
  • Ships with Long John bookmark
  • Every book is signed
  • $7 + $3 media mail shipping (within the states, $10 international shipping)

If you want one, pick one up and support independent comics at the same time! The store is a bit bare right now, but I’m in the process of adding some prints I have made as well. Keep an eye on it in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or problems purchasing the book, please e-mail me at longjohncomic@gmail.com.

Again, thank you all so much for your continued support and I hope the book meets your standards.