Chapter 1, Page 16 – “A Good Coat”

Chapter 1, Page 16 – “A Good Coat”:
I’m still incredibly proud of the entirety of Chapter 1. But this page here (page 16) is probably my favorite of the bunch. For one, I felt all of the influences––spaghetti western, noir, Kurosawa––really come through but congeal into something unique. It’s also a page whose linework I love. Until this page, I never saw one of my panels and thought “I’m looking into the world of the comic,” but something about the angles and detail and character coming through every panel really made it feel alive to me in a way I had never felt about my work. Despite some perspective issues an unsure lines, it’s a page I think about often.

Here’s the isolated line art for this page.

Do you have a favorite scene, page, or panel from chapter 1? Share it with us in the comments! Perhaps I can reveal some creator commentary or behind the scenes information on it, too!

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