Sketch Fridays #01: Grading Click for bigger version

Sketch Fridays #01: Grading Click for bigger version

It has been a veritable wasteland here at Long John, and I apologize for it. It has been alternately busy and rough here at house Bethel since the summer. What’s holding up new pages now is basically time. I’m in the middle of grading my first batch of papers and it is always the least fun part of teaching English. The good news is that the rest of chapter two is has layouts and the first several pages are in various states of being drawn (I like drawing a bunch at once) and progress will be made as soon as these papers are returned to my students.

Because of that, I have been slow on blog posts as well. So, I have decided to come up with a remedy: Sketch Fridays!

I have created a challenge for myself to make a drawing with an accompanying blog post every week––on Fridays––that will at least keep fun content up on the site until new pages are ready to be posted and through them as well. The subject will vary widely––perhaps cartoons illustrating what’s been going on in my life to drawings of characters I like to, perhaps, Long John design sketches. It’s up for grabs because it’s the weekend!

So, to illustrate my current situation at the start of Sketch Fridays, I present you a basic approximation of what my office looks like right now, as well as what I look like right now. And how my cats do not care right now.


As you can tell, the site is a bit broken. I updated some stuff and the settings got lost in the mix. I will be working on fixing that as soon as possible, but for now, I would recommend checking out posts on the official Long John Facebook page or checking in with my Tumblr.