Sketch Fridays #61 – Surfacing

I’ve been rather quiet for the last few weeks if only because my day job became really busy as the semester wound to a close (which explains how this became a Sketch Monday). Grading is always pretty intense due to the sheer volume of work that comes in and, with regard to the end of Spring semester, specifically, how fast the turnaround needs to be.

In the middle of the grading crunch, the metaphor that kept coming to mind when I tried to make contact with the outside world was “Hey, it’s Dan. I’m surfacing for a bit just to check in…” It’s an apt metaphor as while I’m grading, I spend all day grading and come home to maybe watch an episode of television before going to bed to start it all again the next day. Though I’m not “unplugged,” it definitely seems that way because I simply lack the time to goof off or get distracted. To that end, it is kind of nice because the world becomes white noise for awhile as I try to keep my focus forward.

Now that grading is completed––I can get to getting chapter 4 of Long John done. I’m not starting from nothing, however:

Pages for Long John chapter 4 are well underway.

I look forward to getting a fair amount of stuff done this summer––I can’t wait to share it all here. Until then, be sure to follow my on Instagram and to join the Long John Facebook page.