Sketch Fridays #77 – Batman Day 2020 (process video with commentary at the bottom of the post or click here)

It was Batman Day on the 19th or 21st, depending on what source you look at. And, for most of the comic art end of the internet that meant a legitimate reason to draw the Dark Knight.

Last year I had fun with a quick high contrast bust portrait of the caped crusader and people responded well to it.

This year i wanted to try something different, fueled partially by the idea of wanting to draw a piece that emphasized the detective aspect of the character. It was also fueled by the technology I’ve been using to try and draw more regularly; specifically, the app Procreate on the iPad Pro.

I really enjoy drawing silhouettes and how, if sorted correctly, can create a really powerful sense of depth and scale with very little detail at all. I hope you enjoy this year’s effort.