Chapter 4, Page 16 – “Dead Words” (click image to go to the full page)

Chapter 4, Page 16 – “Dead Words”

This is a fairly simple page, but I really like how it captures the mundane: a busy bar on a rainy night. There’s a lot of importance to this page; it’s the title drop, of course, but it’s also the start of some of the deepest (implied) backstory we get to our title character so far in the series (the writing––and holding back––of which, I write about more on the notes for this page).

The line art from this page. Click image for a larger look.

What I like most about it is that I feel the atmosphere of a warm, lively, but welcoming room is captured pretty well in the first two panels, something that needed to be nailed after the very menacing tone of the previous scene.

Fun fact: the two folks in the extreme foreground of the second panel are the same drunk buddies seen walking around Lundy at the beginning of chapter two.

The two laughing friends in the foreground of the second panel are seen at the beginning of Chapter two walking around Lundy while a bit intoxicated as well.